About Us

ImagineWe Publishers was founded by jessica Cassick in 2016 as an independent study during her Master's Degree at Buffalo State College before she began her PhD. the company is dedicated to producing high-quality publishing services, books, educational programming and workshops, and merch that the whole family will enjoy.


ImagineWe Publishers is a full-service, and comprehensive publishing company established in 2016. We provide help for aspiring authors at every stage of need from concept to creation! C.S. Lewis said "You are never too old to set another goal or dream another dream," and this most definitely includes becoming a published author!
IWP publishes books of all reading levels, and types; such as children's books, easy-reader chapter books, novels, textbooks, memoirs, and more! If there is something you do not see offered thus far as a book that you are interested in publishing, there is no project we will not consider helping you to complete. We specialize in mission-motivated and cause-driven literature that spreads awareness about so many things. 

The CEO, Jessica Cassick, MS, herself reads each and every submission. We want to be the bridge that guides, appreciates, and supports you toward success. When it feels like the opportunities have closed their doors, ImagineWe, LLC will be there to welcome you.
Is reading every submission a pro or does it make you seem like a beginner? An established publishing house CEO doesn't have the time to read every single submission herself.
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